‘Big Country’ Roy Nelson Kicked ‘Big’ John McCarthy After His Big KO Over ‘Bigfoot’ Silva

We expected Roy Nelson and Bigfoot Silva to throw down with massive power, and they did. Each heavy shot echoed throughout Brasília, and even though they made it out of the first round, greatly reducing the chances that this fight would end, Nelson finished it with his heavy right hand.

With Bigfoot on the ground, it’s Nelson’s job to finish the fight. It’s clear, however, after looking at the replay, that Nelson didn’t have to land those brutal follow-up shots. This led to Big Country kicking Big John over what he had to do to Bigfoot after the big punch.

Nelson explained:

“Yeah, when you knock someone out you already know it’s like a home run. For me, I wanted to knock him out but then I have to throw more punches. He’s my friend and he has to go home to his family. He’s my friend.”

Referees have continually been under fire for late and early stoppages. They have one of the toughest jobs in sports, especially when dealing with fighters who are as tough as nails, but this was a bit egregious, and the latest in a long line of late stoppages for Big John.

Nelson was right to want to do his job, but make sure his friend doesn’t take unnecessary damage.