UFC Heavyweight Roy Nelson Was Not Happy When An Announcer Confused His Son For A Girl

Roy Nelson is a man with an iron chin. He’s absorbed more strikes without getting finished than anyone in UFC history, and his beard is made of fine iron while his fists are made of granite. He will knock you out. So don’t, ever, ever, ever, call his son a girl just because he has some long hair. Roy has long hair. You want to call him a girl, huh? Do you? You’ll get a big, fat, knockout of a middle finger in your general direction if you dare interrupt a cute pads session between Roy and his son with a mistake like that.

Calling someone a girl shouldn’t be a pejorative in the first place, but Roy’s beard has seen more wars than Henry Kissinger. Just ask the dude if that’s his daughter or son. Right? Right?! It’s not that big of a deal, but it’s nice to see Roy out on the mats with his kid being a little Roy, while Roy continues to be the Roy that we’ve always known and loved — a heavyweight Diaz bro with a moon belly ready to throw up the middle fingers whenever a moment in time deems it appropriate.

Of course, many, many apologies were given. You do not wish to upset Big Country.

(Via MMA Uncensored)