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In Peter King’s NFL column/blog post on Monday, he reported that someone told him that Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams had never lifted weights before. Ever. Such a comment makes anyone look like a slackass, and naturally Williams took the first chance he had to refute that report, saying that he lifted weights as early as seventh grade. From the Dallas Morning News, via FanNation:

Williams, a 6-3, 220-pound physical specimen, said he took lifting seriously throughout his high school career at Odessa Permian. He added that he continued to work hard in the weight room at Texas under the guidance of Jeff “Mad Dog” Madden, one of the country’s most famous strength coaches.[…]

Williams said he stopped lifting weights during the season after dealing with various nicks, pulls and strains his first two years in the NFL.

“The year I didn’t lift during the season, I made it to the Pro Bowl,” he said.

Wow, take that, athletic science! Roy Williams doesn’t need your silly weights. That’s exactly what I tried to tell my high school girlfriend when she complained about my “stamina” in “the fourth quarter.” I told her to “just roll over” and “let me do my thing.” She left. Probably because she just didn’t like sports.

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