Watch Royals Manager Ned Yost Inexplicably Break Concrete Blocks With His Hands

The World Series winners are invoking some unusual methods in spring training as they get ready to defend their title in 2016. The Kansas City Royals brought in motivational speaker Donnie Moore to talk to the team, and apparently Royals manager Ned Yost was feeling so inspired by Moore’s words that he decided to break through a stack of concrete blocks with his bare hands.

Although Yost managed to succeed in this bizarre test of strength and focus, it was not without consequence, as this is what his arm looked like after.

Also, if you assumed that the blocks were somehow fixed to ensure that they would be easily broken, Moore didn’t seem quite so confident in the moments before the Royals manager took his shot. Via The Kansas City Star:

“He’s either going to break his wrist, or he’s going break those bricks. One of the two.”

Despite that lack of assurance, the 60-year-old manager did it anyways, slashing through the one-and-a-half inch bricks with ease despite the fact that it requires at least 100 pounds of force to break through them. Between this and his multiple attempts to stop bee genocide, Yost is having quite a spring training.

(Via The Kansas City Star)