06.25.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

Brad Fittler, head coach of Australia’s Sydney Roosters rugby team, fined himself for drunken behavior on a team road trip last weekend. From the Herald Sun, via Sports Rubbish:

Police were called to Townsville’s Holiday Inn early on Friday morning after two female guests reported a “creepy man” with a “hairy chest” – wearing only shorts – was trying to get into their room.

Police arrived at 3.15am to find a “very drunk” Fittler still outside the room. Fittler got out of the elevator at the wrong floor and shook the room’s door, mistaking it for his.

No charges will be filed, but the timing blows because Fittler’s team is at the bottom of the table and appears to be a dead coach walking. At least last weekend, he was a dead coach drinking. Which is usually a precursor to dead coach running off to Argentina with his mistress. Yeah, nobody was gonna figure that one out…

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