Boom, Rugby Headshot

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.10.12 4 Comments

The following hilariously-accurate, beer-spilling headshot took place on Tuesday at a rugby game. I want to say it’s rugby because the YouTube channel is “PremiershipRugby” and the title involves the phrase “Man hit on head at rugby match,” but I’m not saying for sure, because I never get it right. When I write about rugby, it’s Australian Rules Football. When I write about Australian Rules Football, it’s rugby. I’ll just say this: this guy got hit in the head with a ball during rugby, Australian rules football, freestyle soccer, Super Dodge Ball, European rules quidditch or HeadBeerBall. One of those six.

The one guarantee from the clip is that it didn’t happen in the United States, because the guy who got cranked with a rugby ball was a good sport about it and laughed it off instead of flipping out about it on Twitter and suing everybody. Two concession stand beers is a small price to pay for rugby fan viral video glory, right?

This should happen in every sport. The Big Lead mentioned that they’d like to see this happen in more in the lower deck at NBA games, but hell, let’s make it happen across the board. I want to see Aaron Rodgers knock the cheese off somebody’s head for fun.

[h/t to Last Angry Fan]

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