Rugby Is Violent. Who Knew?

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05.17.11 4 Comments

I’m not going to pretend to know the first thing about rugby. Back in college, I got super drunk with the women’s rugby team and that’s about the extent of my knowledge. I am, however, quite a fan of watching unnecessary sports violence, so I can declare with confidence that Northampton Saints wing Chris Ashton had his face rocked by Leicester’s Manu Tuilagi in a recent 11-3 Leicester win. Tuilagi received a yellow card for his aggression, but his punches at least marked the first time that the name Manu was associated with anything macho in sports.

Video after the jump, as well as some very special guest commentary on rugby.

edit: The video has been blocked (because Rugby doesn’t want people to be interested in Rugby, I guess), but until we find one that will work AND embed, here’s a quick YouTube link.

Since I’m clearly no rugby expert, I thought I would look to the Internet’s most intelligent people – YouTube commenters:

“im a saints fan and the first to say ashton is a twat but that was a disgrace from tuilangi! in this video it doesnt show you the insanely late high tackle by manu just before on ashton, the tiny push is nothing and im amazed tuialngi didnt get a red for his part. im even more amazed that people here are condoning that kind of behaviour and saying ashton deserved it, bollocks! this is rugby, its about respect for everyone, thats why fans arent seperated in the stands.” – Nugget312

“about time someone flattened that ashton scumbag! leinster will hammer northampton in the heineken cup too!” – thesaladburger

“f*cking new zealand samoa c*nts let a South African go tackle the c*nt so he can run back to the bush” – tumzoli

“@tumzoli South africans arent hard enuff! in order to beat a samoan, you have to get another samoan to do it… south africans are too weak, henry tuilagi destroy all of south africas hard men…” – paia852

“Personally i feel that the behaviour from tuialngi is disgusting! He should’ve been given a red….Furthermore the general refereeing in general was utterly appalling!!! It all seemed very much in the favour of the tigers! The RFU should do something about all this! To think Ashton got a bloody yellow card just takes the friggen piss!” – 300593GrantCarter

“I am a Tigers Fan and i personally think Manu should off got a Red card and Ashton should of still got his Yellow. Manu shouldnt of Punched him. But Ashton could off avoided the late tackle and to be fair he was on Flood and others before this Happened so to be Fair if he hadnt got punched by Manu i think another Tigers Player would off had a go…” – TheIsobelle10

“i seen all the tigers out in leicester after the game and i was smashed after drinking a bottle of vodka lol!!!!” – bigdean0

“got what he deserved, tuilagi should be given an award for this!!” – blaablaa256

“Nahh i would’ve taken those punches far better than that.” – FlynnTheDon

See? We’re all a little more intelligent today.

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