This Rugby Player Tried His Best To Find His Four Missing Teeth

We promise, this video is nowhere near as brutal as you would probably assume after reading the headline. It’s also hard to figure out exactly what happens in this video, because everything about it is in French and I don’t know how to say anything in French other than “omelette du fromage” and “royale with cheese.”

But from what we can gather, a rugby player named Jérémy Gondrand took a shoulder to the mouth from an opponent over the weekend, and as a result, Gondrand lost four of his teeth. Gondrand, who suits up for Lyon Olympique Universitaire, got blindsided while he was running down the field, which made for a hit that you’d normally expect out of one of the NFL’s premier linebackers or a burly NHL defenseman.

The worst part came after the play, when Gondrand was crawling around on the ground looking for the teeth that just fell out of his mouth. It looked like he got some help from the team’s trainers, but we have no idea whether or not he was able to find his missing teeth, which means that there is a chance his teeth are just chilling out on a rugby pitch somewhere in France.

However, because Gondrand is a rugby player and rugby players are some of the most insanely tough people on Earth, he got up once he was done looking and ran off the field like nothing happened.

(via Deadspin)