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The quokka is an Australian marsupial, similar to a kangaroo but closer in size to a house cat.  According to Wikipedia, it's listed as a "vulnerable" species and is protected by law. 

Quokkas have no fear of humans and it is common for them to hop up close enough to humans to be petted, particularly on Rottnest Island. It is however illegal to handle the animals in any way.

It's funny that Wiki mentions Rottnest Island, because rugby club Western Force went boozing there recently, and, well, let's just say they're not Greenpeace

At least four players terrorized quokkas for more than an hour after a drinking session on Rottnest Island near Perth, the Sydney Morning Herald reported today, citing a Sydney resident who was visiting the island… One player mimicked outstretched, diving tries to trap quokkas in a milk crate. Another picked up a quokka by the tail, swung it above his head and then flung it hammer-throw style across the grass.

Well, I never!  For shame.  I'd expect this kind of behavior from drunken Aussie rugby players, but never… drunken… Aussie.  Oh.  Um, never mind.

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