08.25.08 10 years ago

Mike Edwards, a 38-year-old former pro rugby player in new Zealand, has been charged with "kidnapping, grievous bodily harm, arson, using a firearm, robbery and the theft" after allegedly attacking a convicted murderer named Michael Sneller.

Sneller, 63, has told police he went to meet someone in Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt, about 10pm on February 5 and was beaten with a shotgun before being dumped, unconscious and severely injured, in a stolen station wagon.  He was able to escape at daybreak and was admitted to hospital with severe facial fractures.

And don't forget that arson charge.  Edwards is also accused of setting the station wagon on fire before he left the scene. 

If you want to commit murder, one method is to beat your victim severely with a shotgun, lock him in the trunk of a station wagon, set the station wagon on fire, and then walk away assuming that everything will go according to plan.  Gosh, if only there were a more effective way to kill someone.  **scratches head with shotgun**

[Sports by Brooks]

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