The Seahawks Lost Ironically, Then The Rams Trolled Russell Wilson On Twitter

Sunday’s Week 1 matchup between the Seahawks and Rams came down to a fourth down play in overtime, which Seattle needed to convert in order to match or best St. Louis’ opening drive field goal. On fourth and short, Pete Carroll called for a handoff to Marshawn Lynch, who was tackled in the backfield as the Rams sealed the victory.

Ironically, many people immediately exclaimed that the ‘Hawks should have passed the ball instead of giving it to Lynch, which – obviously – is the exact opposite of what they were saying after the conclusion of last season’s Super Bowl.

The reigning NFC champions falling to the Rams was not anticipated by many NFL fans heading into Sunday, and apparently wasn’t anticipated by whomever sent out this tweet from Russell Wilson‘s account on Saturday, either.

It’s unclear whether that was a (failed) guarantee from Wilson the day before his Seahawks opened up their season or a scheduled tweet gone awry but, regardless, it was a major fail on behalf of the quarterback. The Rams made sure to rub some salt in the wound by calling him out on it, too.

That is some good Twittering by the Rams’ social team. Just call it a good Sunday all around for that organization.