06.22.07 11 years ago 15 Comments

A Russian arm wrestler was disqualified from a European tournament after he sent a lookalike to his weigh-in in an attempt to move to a lower weight class.

Arsen Liliev tried to enter the 154-pound weight class at the European championships being held in Lycksele, northern Sweden, but weighed 4.4 pounds too much, said Andreas Johansson, chairman of the Swedish Armsport Association… Liliev decided to try again, but this time he sent a "lookalike" to replace him at the weigh-in, Johansson said. The impostor… passed the weight control, but officials discovered the fraud before the competition started.

"They resemble each other but it didn't work," Johansson said.

Mmmm… Johansson.  That's how I ended up the chairman of my Handsport Association.  It's a little different from Armsport.  You kind of compete against yourself. 

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