Russian Hockey Team Too Crunk For Airplane

01.06.11 7 years ago 21 Comments

This ain’t your grandpa’s airplane! Actually, I think that was the tagline for Soul Plane. I’m sorry; what a terrible way to start off a post.

Last night, the Russian world junior hockey team played for the championship against Canada and won, 5-3. After the game, they were full of happiness and celebration, if “happiness” and “celebration” meant “booze” and “more booze.”

You’re telling me Snoop Dogg is a pilot, Calgary Herald? Outrageous!

The team, celebrating its come-from behind 5-3 victory over Team Canada in the world junior hockey championship final Wednesday night, were removed from Delta Air Lines flight 1266 just before the plane took off at approximately 6:10 a.m.

“To ensure the safe operation of the flight, the crew of flight 1266 denied boarding to 30 passengers who were travelling together and displaying unruly behaviour,” Delta spokeswoman Susan Elliott said in a statement. “The passengers are being rebooked on a future flight.”[..]

Police at the airport said the players appeared to be intoxicated.

If the players were drunk, they would have been consuming alcohol illegally, since the legal drinking age in the state of New York is 21, and players on world junior teams must be 20 years of age and under.

Come on, these kids won some hockey tournament I had no clue about! The people in charge of the tournament should have let them celebrate with the best alcohol from their homeland: vodka! Last time I checked, the greatest place to drink underage is America! In fact, I’m doing it right now. So what if it’s 3 in the afternoon? YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME

Photo via Deadspin.

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