People Who Exercise Get To Ride The Subway Free In Russia. Thanks A Lot, Obama.

The Russian Olympic Committee is trying to encourage a “healthy passion for sport” and “joy from being active” in anticipation of the Winter Olympics in Sochi by setting up weird exercise goals throughout the city, including a subway ticket kiosk that rewards you with a free ride if you can do 30 squats.

Here’s the clip, with the kind of emotional soundtrack you’d expect from a Campbell’s soup commercial.

According to a CBS News report, other health initiatives enacted include bus handles that double as resistance bands, stationary bikes that charge your cellphone, and ferocious bears that will randomly attack and eat you if you don’t flee for your life. Okay, I made that last one up. Probably.

I’d like to see this kind of thing happen in the United States, but we’re the nation that got mad at our First Lady for her controlling socialist “drink more water and you’ll die less” agenda, so 30 squats in a New York City subway’d end with about a hundred thousand YouTube videos and then eight months of protests. But hey, we can dream. To beautiful music.

[h/t to Greatist]