Rutgers’ Awesome Black Adidas Uniforms Will At Least Make Them Look Good

Rutgers football is perpetually in a pretty rough spot. While it’s a Big Ten program in the talent-rich state of New Jersey, it’s stuck in a division with three of the 10-15 best programs in the sport (Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State) and the Scarlet Knights have never consistently done a great job recruiting the Garden State.

This year seems like it’ll be more of the same. Rutgers has an over/under of three wins this year, and the state’s 2018 recruiting class hasn’t been especially kind to head coach Chris Ash.

But there is some good news: When they take the field on Nov. 4, 2017, they’re going to look pretty awesome. The fine folks at adidas unveiled the Scarlet Knights’ gorgeous “Stadium Lights” alternate uni on Thursday.

One of the cooler parts of these unis are on the back of the collar, as they feature a subtle nod to New Jersey.

Give Rutgers and adidas some credit, these look good, and the team will look good in them. As for what game they’ll wear these for, Rutgers will bust these bad boys out during their matchup against Maryland in Yankee Stadium. Because nothing says “this requires special uniforms” like a game in cold weather against the Terrapins on a baseball diamond.