Rutgers Is Trying Really Hard At Football But Is Still Hilariously Bad At It

11.12.16 2 years ago

Rutgers is struggling its way through another season in the Big 10, but today makes it all so worth it.

In a game where the Scarlet Knights got obliterated by a Michigan State team that’s struggling against everyone but Rutgers, this moment of true beauty stands out.

That’s Rutgers quarterback Giovanni Rescigno trying to throw the ball to the far sideline. It’s also Running Back Justin Goodwin tripping Rescigno on the play action fake and ruining any chance of that actually happening. If you’re not paying close enough attention it looks like Rescigno just… dives backward for no reason at all. There’s no pass rush from the Spartans defense. Everything is going to be fine. But it’s not: the two players somehow get their left feet intertwined to give us Peak Rutgers.

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