Rutgers Lost To Michigan State After Spiking The Ball On Fourth Down

Saturday’s slate of college football action saw some hilariously embarrassing mental lapses at the end of games. Not only did Boston College lose to Wake Forest after spiking the ball with an expiring clock, but Rutgers then proceeded to fall to Michigan State when they spiked it on fourth down.

After staying with the No. 4 ranked Spartans all night, Rutgers had a chance to tie the game while down seven points on their final drive. As the game was coming down to the wire, Michigan State forced a fourth down with a big sack. With no timeouts, the Scarlet Knights needed to use the fourth down as one final desperation shot at the endzone to force overtime. Instead, they spiked the damn ball to kill the clock.

Obviously, it was a brain fart on behalf of Rutgers, but when you’re trying to upset talented teams like MSU, the margin for error is extremely small and, unfortunately, this absent-minded play cost Rutgers the game.

The coaching staff was obviously not too proud.