Ex-NFL QB Ryan Leaf Offered To Pay A Park Ranger’s Mortgage During The Government Shutdown

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The partial government shutdown over a border wall that Donald Trump said American taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay for has impacted many government workers just days before Christmas. The fight over how much of the federal budget will pay for Trump’s proposed border wall resulted in a shutdown that will extend to 2019.

Ryan Leaf may be best known for being a huge draft bust for the San Diego Chargers, but as it turns out he should also have a reputation for being an extremely generous and somewhat sentimental denizen of the Internet.

A tweet from Taylor Fusch went viral earlier in the week in which she described her husband, a park ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, having to sign furlough paperwork days before Christmas. Fusch said she didn’t think the family could afford their mortgage payment in the wake of the shutdown, putting the family’s Christmas in peril.

In stepped Leaf, the former Chargers quarterback who, in his post-football life had run into a number of legal troubles. Now sober, Leaf has stepped back into the public eye and made an impassioned offer to help Fusch and her family stay in their home.

There’s no word on whether Fusch accepted the offer just yet, but it’s indeed a very different side of Leaf than many have known. The fall from grace from the NFL ranks may be what he’s forever known for, but he’s clearly moved on from it and wants to help those in worse shape than others to have a good holiday despite Donald Trump’s best efforts.