Ryan Lochte Hurt His Knee In The Most Ryan Lochte Way Possible

Five-time Olympic champion swimmer Ryan Lochte sprained the ACL and tore his MCL in his left knee during a visit to Gainesville, FL, last weekend. If I told you that he did so in the most Ryan Lochte way possible, what would you think? That he did it stunt swimming for some weird ad promotion? Bro’ing out with The Situation? Maybe he did it waxing his chest or battling Jean-Luc Picard? Any of those could be true.

If you chose, “trying to catch a hot college babe and failing,” ding ding ding ding.


A teenage girl ran at Lochte, who tried to catch her, but the two fell over in the process, his publicist said. Lochte hit his knee on a curb, while the girl was not hurt Sunday.

Publicist Janice Lee says in a statement issued Tuesday that Lochte’s medical team expects him “to make a full and speedy recovery.”

Lochte tweeted that he was headed to Gainesville last weekend. He trained there for several years after competing for the University of Florida. He has moved his training to Charlotte, N.C.

Lochte is next scheduled to represent the U.S. in the Duel in the Pool meet in Scotland on Dec. 20-21.

Thank goodness he didn’t try to catch a leaping Kate Upton, he would’ve blown out both of his quads.

In all seriousness, Ryan is one of our favorite sports celebrities here at With Leather, so we would also like to wish him a full and speedy recovery. You know, unless he’s using his downtime to film new episodes of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? to upload somewhere. If that’s the case, have a slow, difficult recovery.