Ryan Lochte Is Locked In On Kate Upton Now

According to UK’s Metro, Kate Upton is the second hottest woman in the world, and that must be true because lists are legitimate ways of determining everything. Watch this: The World’s Most Handsome Man? Me. No. 2 is Brad Pitt. That can’t be argued because it’s a list, and so the world keeps spinning in this incredible Internet era.

The hottest woman in the world, according to Metro, is 25-year old Michelle Keegan, who I have never heard of before and in this photo she looks like Ashlee Simpson, so I just laughed and laughed. Anyway, there’s no need for Upton to be upset, because there’s one man out there who still thinks she’s special, and that’s none other than our favorite confused celebrity athlete – Ryan Lochte.

In a recent brief interview with the HuffPo, Lochte dished on his main celebrity crush:

What’s your ideal woman like?

Honestly, I don’t really have a preference. The quickest way to my heart is if you make me laugh. Make me laugh and smile because you know what, that’s what life should be all about is laughter. So that is the quickest way. I don’t care if they’re black, white, tall, short, round, brunette, blonde, it doesn’t matter. You make me laugh, you’re on the right track.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

I saw Sports Illustrated magazine and I saw Kate Upton and she was looking good, but of course, my all-time favorite is Carmen Electra. I mean, growing up and watching “Baywatch,” that’s it.

I like what he’s doing there. He’s keeping it relevant by mentioning our favorite girl, Upton, but he’s also keeping What Would Ryan Lochte Do? on our minds, as Electra’s cameo in an upcoming episode was teased in the first episode. I really hope that Lochte ends up dating Electra, even if it’s just a shameless fabrication for the sake of ratings, because she’s so perfectly irrelevant for him. They’d have the least-talked about wedding in celebrity history.