Ryan Lochte Stars In The Most Awkward TV News Interview Of 2013

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04.19.13 8 Comments

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte is probably the lowest-hanging fruit on the pseudo-celebrity tree, but darn it all to heck if I just don’t love the guy to pieces. With the commercial for his new reality show on E! in full rotation, Lochte is making the last second media rounds to promote What Would Ryan Lochte Do? and that included a visit via satellite to Good Day Philadelphia.

I don’t even really know how to describe what’s going on in this clip, because it starts with anchor Sheinelle Jones sporting serious lady boner for Lochte and it continues with the other anchor, Mike Jerrick, rocking the same kind of a-hole, smarmy composure that I’d probably have if I had to interview a guy who trademarked the made up word “JEAH”.

The important thing to remember while watching this is that Lochte aspires to be a serious actor, and he apparently still couldn’t talk his way out of a Taco Bell drive-thru.

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