Ryan Newman Has Been Released From The Hospital After His Scary Daytona 500 Crash

There was a lot of concern Monday night as the Daytona 500 came to a horrifying end. On the final lap driver Ryan Newman was involved in a terrifying crash, as he got turned in the final corner, hit the wall, flipped over, and then was hit by other cars while on his roof, as the car caught fire before coming to a stop.

The crash left Newman hospitalized, but updates were positive over the past two days with him awake and speaking to doctors. There was general optimism about his status despite the incredibly scary nature of the crash, and on Wednesday everyone got the fantastic news that he would be leaving the hospital to return home with his family, as announced in a tweet of him walking out of the hospital with his children.

Newman is an accomplished driver with 18 wins to his name and over 200 top 10 finishes throughout his career including a 2008 Daytona 500 victory. When the crash occurred he was leading and potentially on his way to the second Daytona 500 victory of his career.

Hopefully, Newman’s injuries will leave no long lasting effects and he can continue racing in the future. He may be 42, but there’s still plenty of driving left for him in his career if he chooses to keep doing so. It would be great to see him get a victory this season after coming back from something like this.