Watch This Hockey Player Pull Out His Tooth Like It’s No Big Deal

“Wow, that seems like a pretty gnarly hit. Hope that guy’s oka… OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” That was me, just before my insides felt like they were put into a salad spinner and my body went more tense than a team captain posing next to the Prince of Wales trophy.

St. Louis Blues forward Ryan Reaves took a hit from Chicago’s Brent Seabrook during the second period of last night’s game. Rather than seeking medical attention like any normal human being, what did Reaves do? Oh, just casually rip out his own tooth and hand it to the trainer like it ain’t no thing. Reaves would continue to play through the rest of the game, and me and my weird thing about teeth and self-performed dental surgery will continue to feel queasy for… well, probably ever.