This Sad Florida State Fan May End Up Being The Best Meme Of The College Football Season

The first half of Florida State’s game against Ole Miss could have gone much better for the Seminoles. The Rebels took a 28-13 lead into the locker room, but it seemed like their lead was much bigger than that. Florida State’s starting quarterback, Deondre Francois, looked like a dude who was starting for the first time, star running back Dalvin Cook couldn’t get going, and Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly carved up the FSU secondary (which, in fairness, managed to produce a turnover).

For FSU fans, it was probably rough, as a Florida State team that was expected to contend for a national title looked really flat. Sure, it was the first half of the first game of the year against a really good opponent, but for a team with national championship aspirations, you probably expect more.

One ‘Noles fan took this especially hard. We know nothing about him other than he has a spectacular mustache and a look on his face that makes all of us think “The Sound Of Silence” is going through his head at all times. Immediately after he showed up on the screen, the internet started making jokes. And my goodness were some of these jokes wonderful.

Of course, some people decided to make jokes that implied that this dude has hot Colin Kaepernick takes like seemingly everyone else.

There were also plenty of jokes across other sports. Some made NASCAR jokes, while others took a swipe at the Golden State Warriors for losing in the NBA Finals.

And, obviously, there were jokes about Harambe. Because there are always jokes about Harambe.

While this dude may not be on the level of the screaming Stanford fan from the 2016 Rose Bowl, he is still wonderful. And hey, cheer up buddy. It’s a long season, so even if the ‘Noles lose on Monday night (which is no foregone conclusion, as Florida State charged back to take a 29-28 lead in the third quarter to make this a close ballgame), that doesn’t mean the season is over just yet.