07.10.09 10 years ago 9 Comments

Uni Watch received a reader submission including this homemade Pittsburgh Steelers jersey sweatshirt combo, the veritable El Camino of bootleg NFL merch. From the submitter:

Back in 1994 my wife made me a Steelers jersey out of a hooded sweatshirt (my son is wearing it in these pictures). We took the sleeve stripes off an old jersey, then she sewed them onto the sweatshirt, along with some homemade numbers. She sewed the gold stripe on the hood and painted the Steelers logo with fabric paint. I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t done this themselves, using the hood as a helmet.

I’ll admit that the fabric paint job is impressive, but…does this kid leave the house wearing that? He looks so upset, but I’m less annoyed with the sweatshirt and more wishing that all Steelers fans were like this. His demeanor should serve as an inspiration to everyone in Steeler Nation. It’s the sort of quiet courage required to wear such a homemade homage to one’s heroes. And I just noticed that there’s no name on the back. Probably a good call.

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