10.20.09 9 years ago

Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It showered with his cell phone last night because he couldn’t wash his balls while holding his laptop.

  • It’s a college football post with the “Balloon Boy” tie-in for which you’ve spent the last week pining.

    Rumors and Rants.

  • One of George Foreman’s sons is dating Amy Winehouse question mark? Or is he just ‘poking’ her?

    Style Points.

  • The greatest poker player ever was inducted into an athletic hall of fame. There’s a pretty good reason for that.

    Carbon Poker Blog.

  • Driving a fast car boosts testosterone levels in guys. And it doesn’t have the same drag on the economy as punching hookers and stealing cars.


  • This might be the first-ever photography link on WL, but it wouldn’t be here if it didn’t warrant a look.

    Vincent LaForet

  • A terrific gallery of hometown hotties is always good viewing for the first day back in the office. Yes, I call my couch my “office.” What of it?


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