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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link jam. If you think it’s great to read online, you should try spreading it over toast.

  • Quentin Richardson has gone through more teams this summer than days I’ve actually been outside. .

    The Legend of Cecilio Guante, Barkley’s Mouth.

  • English soccer players seem to have a built-in excuse if they’re ever pulled over for speeding.

    Open Sports.

  • Beanings in baseball are like children; it’s impossible to favor one over the other because they’re all quite mighty. Wait, that would make them the opposite of children. Anyway, yeah, baseball beanings.

    Banned in Hollywood.

  • If Laird Hamilton says that surfing with a giant paddle isn’t gay, then I guess it isn’t gay.


  • Here are some Hard Knocks recaps of Wednesday night’s show.

    First Cuts, Who Dey Revolution.

  • More Bengals: great vid of the Bengals’ demise, with 19 years of misery condensed into 4 relatively painless minutes. Where have you gone, Akili Smith?

    Meaningful Collateral, via Youtube.

  • Venezuela’s Yorgelis Delgado recently appeared in an issue of Urbe Bikini, which I guess is Spanish for “Awesome Bikini.”

    On 205th.

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