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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  Its real purpose: providing links to stories that aren’t important enough to address otherwise.

  • Big League Stew presents photo evidence of the Rays drinking Bud Light out of protective cups.  It tastes like piss, so the cup the makes sense, really.
  • Every Day Should Be Saturday dissects Florida’s loss to Houston Nutt’s Ole Miss.  Too bad for America’s wang.  Hmmmm… wang, Nutt, miss — why do those words make me think of Tricia Helfer?
  • Shutdown Corner has a hot photo of Paige Green, John Elway’s ex-Raider cheerleader fiancee.  Rowr!  She makes 41 look good.  See vintage Paige over at the Pro Cheerleader Blog.
  • BuzzCuts provides video of the college football hit of the week.  I like the part where his helmet comes off.
  • Deadspin has the lowdown on a Kentucky safety who used 19 phone calls and 15 text messages to threaten his girlfriend with rape and murder.  And also send a Joker line from The Dark Knight. So that’s good; it seems he’s at least getting out on a regular basis.
  • Food Court Lunch knows what’s going on with Latrell Sprewell’s bankruptcy.  By which I mean, they imagined something.

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