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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link heap. It smells just like the sausage that Grandma used to buy and pass off as her own.

  • Illustrations of girls in hockey jerseys rolling around with each other. Good thing the NHL finally took out the two-line pass…I have no idea what that means


  • One guy’s explanation for college athletics. We also would have accepted “qualms with rooting for laundry”

    |Elks Are Prevalent|

  • Seven people made $18,000 each in online poker by…just sitting there?

    |Carbon Poker Blog|

  • Here’s the blow-by-blow of Erin Andrews’ appearance on Bill Simmons’ podcast

    |The Arena|

  • Giants RB Brandon Jacobs is breaking into boxing…as a manager

    |Read And React|

  • This is how the Orlando Magic got their name. I still can’t believe the league would let a team use the same nickname as one of its most legendary players. Would they ever allow a name like the Kansas City Air? Or the Pittsburgh White Guys?

    |Hot For Words, via UU|

  • The summer “sports” we’ll be stuck with once the hockey and basketball playoffs are over

    |Pyle of List|

  • The great mustaches of sport

    |The Bachelor Guy|

  • Some people lose their shirt gambling. But their pants?

    |Wicked Chops Poker|

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