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Saint Andrew’s Net is WithLeather’s daily link dump.  It shows up once a day and gets largely ignored — just like Ufford!

  • Blogging endomorph Spencer Hall goes to an MMA gym to learn just how not-tough he is.  Hall’s first-person pieces are regularly better than any participatory journalism in SI or ESPN the Mag. |The Sporting Blog|
  • FIX YO ROLE MODELS!  Esquire’s list of male role models includes six announcers, including Dickie V and Charles Barkley. |Awful Announcing|
  • In case you missed it: The Basketball Jones’s annual awards show.  I figured Tas owned a suit; I’m not surprised Skeets doesn’t.  |Ball Don’t Lie|
  • Remember Jason Kidd’s baby mama Hope Dworaczyk?  She’s Miss April in this month’s Playboy. |SFW: on 205th; NSFW here|
  • Can someone explain the NCAA final to me?  “What happened was a team of future NBA players playing better than a team of people who look pretty good in forest green.” |College Humor|

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