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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link tapestry. But if you are a Scottish Lord then I AM MICKEY MOUSE!

  • Here’s Christmas Ape burning his Terrible Towel. It burned terribly…

    Kissing Suzy Kolber.

  • Linda Cohn hasn’t quite caught onto the monolith’s Twitter policy yet.

    The Rookies.

  • Here’s an early cheat sheet for fantasy football quarterbacks. Mass Hasselbeck didn’t make the cut…

    Open Sports.

  • This is the exact same lesson that I used to give when I coached girls’ golf in high school.

    Youtube, via GolfLessonVids

  • Dan Patrick is a douchebag, part 328. What’s his wife doing with a trailer, anyway?

    Sportress of Blogitude.

  • Leave it to California to produce one of the greatest mug shot tee shirts ever.

    The Smoking Gun, via Walkoff Walk.

  • Jeremy Roenick’s exit interview. With him retiring, I honestly don’t think I could name ten players in the league right now.

    Sports Radio Interviews.

  • If you’re not the anti-Semitic body art connoisseur I thought you were, then you don’t want to click this.


  • Shawn Kemp waited tables at a charity event. Did he get a shift meal or an employee discount on select menu items? Also, he buys all his cars at police auction.
  • It’s official: Jamie Moyer’s going to the bullpen.

    The Legend of Cecilio Guante.

  • Are you down with the bald chicks? Hair’s overrated in a relationship, in my humble opinion…no, I was talking about me.


  • Here’s a “bad uniform” post that looks strangely familiar…

    Sports Poop.

  • I have no idea how anyone could make a Worst Owners list without the Bengals’ Mike Brown, but this guy did.

    Pacman Jonesin’.

  • The Miami Dolphin cheerleaders made a calendar for 2010. Airbrush, apparently, is alive and well.

    Busted Coverage.

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