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  • You’re not going to believe this, but Beanie Wells got hurt again. On his first practice “back” from the injury that he just re-aggravated.


  • Alec Baldwin sounds off on Michael Vick. ABD. Always Be Dogfighting. ALWAYS Be Dogfighting.

    Huffington Post.

  • The best shot-blocker in America decided to pay his own way at Mississippi State so they could bring in another guy on scholarship. Jarvis Varnado, you, good sir, have taken one for the team.

    Parrish: The Thoughts (Nice faux-hawk…Gary).

  • Now you can get DVD-style commentary in your video game ads. Uh…awesome?

    Advertising Age.

  • They’re re-making St. Elmo’s Fire into a TV show. And I’m only linking that so I can link to John Parr’s Man In Motion.

    Warming Ufford.

  • Great excuses in sports. Everybody has one. And they all stink.

    Open Sports.

  • Phoenix Suns dance team had their final cut. The talent level in central Arizona was not terrible.

    Big League Screw.

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