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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. We always fire bullets in tight groups, hence the expert shooting badge.

  • Every Day Should Be Saturday has collected several videos of Colt McCoy getting brutally hit after the end of a play.  If that post keeps just one couple from naming their son “Colt,” it was worth it.
  • Kickette finds photos of Bayern Munich at Oktoberfest wearing lederhosen.  Bonus: their sexy dates in dirndls.  How do you say “Rowr!” in German?
  • FanHaus presents a photo gallery of lingerie football “greats.”  It is a compilation of D-list T&A the likes of which have never been seen.  Well, I guess that’s unfair.  Some of those women are C-listers.
  • Busted Coverage examines Big Ten Network reporter Ashley Russell.  Quoth Monday Morning Punter: “I want to shrink myself and build a cottage between her tits.”  Well, if we’re gonna build homes on women’s bodies, Halle Berry sure has some great real estate.  I’m erecting something right now.

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