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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  Without it, this site would live happily on.

  • Good stuff from Food Court Lunch.  I do so enjoy people crapping on Freddie Mitchell.
  • Sports by Brooks rightfully calls FanHaus “retarded” for hiring Jay Mariotti.  Having quit that site because of the jackasses that make the decisions there, I can confirm: yes, jackasses make the decisions there.
  • Kevin Garnett, actually kind of a dick.  [The Sporting Blog]
  • on 205th presents Ana Ivanovic on the beach in a bikini.  She’s a great tennis player and all, but I still prefer the 9-page gallery of gravure idol Reon Kadena.  Also, “Gravure Idol” would be a way better show than “American Idol.”
  • Shutdown Corner gives you the five most valuable and five least valuable people of Wild Card weekend.  I disagree with the absence of Mike Scifres from the first list.

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