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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump.  Ordinarily, it’s no big deal.  But today is a special, special day.

  • Kissing Suzy Kolber celebrates the return of the NFL with its annual kickoff bukkake of posts, followed by a live-blog tonight.
  • Bethlehem Shoals of The Sporting Blog waxes about what one can do to survive the calendar’s “dead zone” for NBA fandom.  Step 1: be an NFL fan instead.
  • FanIQ has video of a Russian high jumper competing while drunk.  In his defense, it’s been a long-ass time since we’ve had a proper football game.
  • Ball Don’t Lie presents the first available Oklahoma City Thunder gear.  Whatever happens, nobody should even think about putting one of those tee-shirts on Abbey.  Or any shirt, really.
  • SportsPickle welcomes Barry Sanders back to the Lions.  Given the state of the Lions, it’s more sad than funny.  Which is just as good, really.
  • Big League Stew snags a photo of Hulk Hogan in Rays gear.  Fun fact: he only roots for teams that have sleeveless jerseys.

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