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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It’s what Michael Jackson would be reading if he wasn’t busy planning his next comeback.

  • Scratch “Artie Lange Night” off the list of great minor league baseball promotions.

    Outside The Box Score.

  • Efrain Flores of Ventura County, you’re doing the Lord’s work in your own special way.

    Sports Rubbish.

  • A list of the “best” players to wear currently wearing Nos. 0 through 99. Uh, fellas? Did you really put LeBron James as your all-time No. 23? You’ll excuse me if I don’t shake your hand for that one.

    Rumors & Rants.

  • It’s a little too early for the Joe Mauer for MVP talk…

    Babes Love Baseball.

  • …and wayyy too early to talk about the Lakers.

    Hoop Doctors.

  • Here’s that collection of MMA knockouts for which you’ve been pining.

    In Game Now.

  • Oh, and your Heisman Trophy frontrunners. It’s like a national championship of people…

    Open Sports.

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