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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It usually makes a joke here, but right now it’s just too tired…

  • Ohio State’s Terrelle Pryor got himself a new tattoo. You know, in case he ever forgets what school he’ll be leaving in two years

    |Every Day Should Be Saturday|

  • Somebody needs to buy me this T-shirt yesterday. I’m a double-X, for the record

    |Joe Sports Fan|

  • Are galleries at LPGA events comprised of mostly women or mostly men? You might be surprised…if you’re an idiot. But then, you’re probably surprised regularly

    |Golf Girl’s Diary|

  • Some pro ball: Andre Miller’s excellent postseason with the Sixers might help him land a sweet free agent contract

    |The Hoop Doctors|

  • A solid set of NBA logo parodies. If only David Stern were so easily impressed

    |Blaze of Love|

  • Ufford put out a poster just like this in 2007; he’s still working off the community service for it


  • No, this gentleman did not soil himself at the Kentucky Derby

    |Busted Coverage|

  • Heidi Watney gives the world her own little “pre-game show”

    |Observation Bubble|

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