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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It could use some help digging its car out of the snow.

  • Remember those big free agent contracts that the Redskins signed on Friday? Turns out they were already $3 million over the cap. But that’s probably rounding error to The Daniel [Who Dey Revolution]
  • Congrats to Jason Kidd: 10,000 Career Assists [Inside Hoops]
  • This apparel deal with the University of Maryland and Under Armour may not be all that legit [FanNation]
  • Jim Bowden is out as Washington Nationals GM. [Can’t Stop The Bleeding]
  • GREAT piece on the evolution of the goalie mask. Too bad Friday the 13th was two weeks ago [Uni Watch]
  • Ronaldo’s ex-wife gets boatfu¢ked. See you on deck, Senator! [Fleshbot, via Deadspin]
  • Get any snow this morning? Maybe you should call in and spend the day with Kalynn.

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