08.21.09 9 years ago

Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link assortment. It sucks up to his boss to her face, but then calls her a bitch as soon as she looks away.

  • Here’s an aggregated AP story about what a big bunch of cheaters Florida State are. You mean cheating like passing off someone else’s work as your own?

    Open Sports.

  • The soundtracks of sports films that you may or may not have recognized.

    Steady Burn.

  • The dissertation on zombies for which you’ve been waiting your whole life.

    University of Ottowa.

  • Satire: The Toronto Blue Jays GM running a lemonade stand as a kid. Those crazy Canadians. Wait, I’m pretty sure JP Ricciardi isn’t Canadian…

    Food Court Lunch.

  • Here’s the Premiere League spot airing on ESPN if you haven’t seen it yet.


  • Mets outfielder Gary Sheffield needed time to “clear his thoughts.”

    Mets Blog.

  • Hope you enjoyed that banner image, because a sheriff’s deputy in Texas got fired for it. And I didn’t think you could get fired for anything in Texas…

    The Smoking Gun.

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