07.10.09 10 years ago

Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily heap of links. It’s great with numbers, but reeks of curry.

  • I’m honored to have been invited to play in the Carbon Poker sports bloggers’ hold’em tournament, starting next week. But we might have to have a little talk about this unicorn idea…

    |Carbon Poker Blog|

  • You know I wouldn’t send you to an ad for Turkish tea unless it was bound to reinvent the way you look at life

    |Blog of Hilarity|

  • The president of FIFA has stepped down. Sort of

    |So Yoked|

  • A solid article detailing why you haven’t met any women lately

    |TSB Magazine|

  • How big a deal is Rasheed Wallace going to the Celtics?

    |The Hoops Doctors|

  • Ron Artest will wear No. 37 with the Lakers to honor Michael Jackson. It kinda makes sense once you learn how the deal went down

    |Ramblings of the Unmotivated|

  • Argentina’s Zaira Nara turns 21 next month. Translated Wiki tells us that she’s an item with someone named Charrúa, who may or may not be that little Taco Bell dog

    |On 205th|

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