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Saint Andrew’s Net is blah blah blah how many times ya been here already?

  • The NBA Draft Lottery was last night (sadly, no, David Stern did not get stoned). But who were the great undrafted players in NBA history

    |The Hoop Doctors|

  • The top ten fictional athletes of all time. I have a big problem with No. 1.


  • Brett Favre has nothing on Ric Flair

    |Camel Clutch Blog|

  • Meet Tyrone Lightning; NASCAR’s first black driver. You know, Charlie Scott

    |via All Left Turns|

  • If you thought all the talk about Roger Clemens was pointless and stupid, you haven’t seen anything until you watch this video


  • Have you seen the “Patrick Chewing” Snickers ad? Here’s ten others that will never make air

    |Rambings of the Unmotivated|

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