All Hell Broke Loose In The Last Two Minutes Of The Saints-Broncos Game
Every once in a while, the football gods decide to give us a completely absurd ending to an NFL game. That happened on Sunday during the matchup between the Broncos and the Saints in New Orleans.

First, Brandin Cooks pulled in an incredible touchdown reception. Drew Brees looked like he was going to get caught by Denver’s defensive front, but he made some dudes miss, stepped up, and threw a gorgeous pass to Cooks. It wasn’t the best decision by Brees, who threw into double coverage, but Cooks made an outstanding play to secure the ball even though he was blanketed by a few defenders.

It looked like the Saints were going to kick a PAT to make it a 24-23 game with 1:22 left, but the Broncos had other ideas. Justin Simmons timed the snap perfectly and hurdled right over the center. He blocked the kick, the ball rolled towards the sideline, and Will Parks picked it up. Parks took off, and even though it looked like he stepped out of bounds, a review of the play didn’t come to a conclusive answer. Total aside: if you’re an NFL player, wear white shoes.

It kind of blends in from this angle, but from a different angle, it certainly looked like Parks stepped on the sideline.

This gave the Broncos a 25-23 lead. The Saints still had to try and get the ball back via an onside kick, but it was all for naught, and Denver walked out of the Superdome with a win.