They’re Actually Making A Movie About The Saints-Rams Blown Pass Interference Call

03.15.19 4 months ago



Grieving takes many forms, especially when it comes to terrible sports moments. Some losses just hurt more than others, especially when bad officiating and the cruel nihilism that comes with liking the National Football League gets involved. For some, protests and public acts of rebellion can soften the blow.

Others, perhaps with more disposable cash, feel a meaningless lawsuit might help them cope with the Saints missing out on a trip to the Super Bowl. The blatant pass interference call that officials missed and influenced the Los Angeles Rams-New Orleans Saints NFC Championship Game in January has seen all of the above come up as a result. And now, the latest form of grieving has arrived: A comedy spec script.

According to, a feature-length comedy is in development that will revolve around the most talked-about officiating decision of the 2019 postseason.

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