Samantha Ponder Shares The Greatest ‘College GameDay’ Location, And The Importance Of Being Unbalanced

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Samantha Ponder has seen her star rise over the past few seasons, especially with her work on College GameDay. But when she and husband Christian (a former first-round pick for the Minnesota Vikings) had their first daughter, Bowden Sainte-Claire, who goes by Scout, in 2014, things got even more hectic. Ponder was met with the struggle every parent has of trying to be at home as much as possible and active in her daughter’s life, but still be present at work.

When she signed her new deal with ESPN over the summer, she focused exclusively on College GameDay, taking away basketball duties as well as sideline duties. And Scout comes along to games. It’s a battle to achieve that mythical work/life “balance” that doesn’t and never really can exist. But she’s doing the best she can – while Scout has become an Instagram star in the meantime.

UPROXX Sports caught up with Ponder as part of some promotion for XYIENCE Energy Drink, and she discussed everything from GameDay and parenting to the time she interviewed Dennis Rodman, and so much more.

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