Samuel L. Jackson And Victoria Beckham Sat Next To Each Other At Wimbledon. Things Got Awkward.

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07.07.14 39 Comments
Day Thirteen: The Championships - Wimbledon 2014

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Just because Samuel L. Jackson and Victoria Beckham are world famous and worth millions of dollars and say the word “motherf*cking” a lot, probably, doesn’t mean they have anything in common. In that sense, they’re just like you or me at a party, trying and failing to make conversation with a friend’s girlfriend’s brother, who went to the same school as some guy you know on Facebook. Sometimes, the chat comes to an abrupt halt, and all you can do is sit there, letting the awkward silence take over.

That’s pretty much what happened at Wimbledon this weekend.

I’m 97% sure Victoria Beckham has never seen a black man before.

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