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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link heap. There is no vegan link heap. Sorry, hippies…

  • Victory might be a terrible sports movie, but it can’t be any worse than these fake Stallone sports films

    |Ramblings of the Unmotivated|

  • I was interviewed for this blog, and when I say “interviewed,” I did all their work for them and took a swipe at The Original Pink Shirt, Drew Magary

    |Juiced Sports|

  • Who thinks Twins catcher Joe Mauer can hit .400? You know he’s a catcher, right?

    |Bugs and Cranks|

  • American soccer doesn’t seem to be making much effort to recruit black players, and yet their sport could probably benefit more than any other

    |Rumors & Rants|

  • Lakers benchwarmer Josh Powell didn’t play a single minute barely played in the NBA Finals, so he didn’t feel right posing with the Larry O’Brien Trophy when LA finally won…just kidding!

    |No Guts No Glory|

  • Video of Brady Quinn Day at Cedar Point. What is it about Quinn walking up to a podium that makes me want to stab somebody?


  • Megan Fox was either in a very big hurry, or there was a bomb hidden in that rose

    || Jersey Chaser|

  • Ana Milojevic might be a dirty Serb, but at least she makes up for it by not wearing pants. I don’t recommend that the guy Serbs start doing this, for the record

    |On 205th|

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