San Diego Chargers Season Preview: Is This Their Farewell To San Diego?

09.13.15 4 years ago

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Last Year: 9-7, third in the AFC West

Key Acquisitions: WR Stevie Johnson, KR Jacoby Jones, RB Melvin Gordon

Key Losses: RB Ryan Mathews, WR Eddie Royal, C Nick Hardwick, DE/OLB Dwight Freeney,

The Chargers are stuck in a position much like the Rams. There is potential for a decent football team here, maybe just a few pieces from being a true competitor, but everyone is instead focused on what might happen in Los Angeles. To most people, the Chargers going from SD to LA isn’t a big deal. The cities are right next to each other, it makes sense, right? They are both in the godless tan space known as Southern California.

West coasters know that SD and LA are very different places, and that most San Diego residents don’t particularly care for LA. But the Chargers have been trying to screw San Diego over to get the new stadium, and San Diego residents aren’t having it. On one hand, good for them, the way the NFL exploits taxpayers for these giant luxury stadiums people can’t even afford is BS. On the other hand, there is now a very solid chance the Chargers are gone.

In the meantime, the Chargers have hovered around mediocre to good for the past two years, and things look more optimistic this season as hopefully they won’t go through 5 different centers because of bad injury luck. The injuries were likely the biggest setback for the Bolts last season, so if they can stay on target now, we’ll have a playoff contender. Probably not a SB contender, but at least a playoff threat. The Bolts added Stevie Johnson, who is good when he’s not being dumb. They added Jacoby Jones, who still has his occasional moment. They also drafted Melvin Gordon and got rid of Ryan Matthews, which should bolster the run game. They also get Danny Woodhead back, and everyone loves little Woody.

The defense was actually pretty solid last season, thanks to star safety and lumberjack Eric Weddle, and there were no big changes either way here, so I’d expect them to be solid again.

For the fan perspective I go to lifelong Chargers fan Ross Hester, who gives a better preview then I ever could:

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