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Saint Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s steaming pile of links. It was dressing like a slut before it could even spell “slut.”

  • “Ball Tapping” is the new thing in junior high schools these days. Only there’s not much “tapping” involved.


  • Notre Dame is the chunky brunette that thinks she has a shot at dating Brad Pitt, where in reality she’ll be lucky to get a shot with Brad Garrett.

    Rumors and Rants.

  • Here’s the “2009 All-Criminal Team.” Not sure how OJ made it onto this team, since his sporting ventures these days are limited to just one hour in the yard each day.

    Celeb Jihad.

  • Hey, remember that comic book superhero that the NFL created? Me neither.

    Comics Alliance.

  • Here’s something satirical about Tiger Woods’ alleged sex-capades.

    Sports Pickle.

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