Giants Outfielder Angel Pagan Dropped A Fan And The Crowd Went Crazy

How many times do we have to tell people to stop running onto the field at sporting events before that message gets across? During the fourth inning of Friday night’s San Francisco Giants game, a handful of fans decided they were going to make a break for it while the Giants were in the field.

These fans tried handing out flowers to the Giants players, which seems like a lovely gesture to do after a game but not while it’s happening. One fan made his way out to left field and attempted to give a flower to Giants outfielder Angel Pagan – again, this is a nice thing to do, but doing it during the game is lame as heck.

Pagan decided he was having none of these shenanigans, so he wrapped the fan up and gave him a rather admirable belly to belly suplex. Security came and apprehended the fan while Pagan went about his business like nothing happened. Oh, and the crowd went completely insane.

The best part of this was that the Giants were playing the Dodgers, so Vin Scully gave us play by play on this incident:

Bless Vin Scully for his making this dumb, dumb incident seem beautiful. He’s the best. Also: if you can edit this so we get a WWE announcer screaming “BAYLEY TO BELLY” while Pagan executes this takedown, you’ll get one internet point from all of us.

(Via Sports Illustrated)