Santa Has Been Lifting A Lot Of Weights And Is Super Jacked For Christmas This Year

12.13.16 3 years ago

There’s not too much that needs to be added. This is Albie Mushaney and he calls himself Big Bad Santa. According to his Facebook page, he’s “on a mission to become the world’s strongest Santa.” Sure. That’s an admirable goal. Let’s cheer him along on this quest.

BBS did an interview with Spot Me Bro, the website named for the thing you never want to hear at the gym. BBS is a 43-year-old correctional worker, father of five, and has type-2 diabetes. He used to lift weights back in his younger days but since then has transformed himself into a very strong person who looks like Santa Claus, so here we are.

His Instagram page has a bunch of videos of him lifting weights and here are some that feature him either wearing red or a Santa suit, because he is committed to the bit.

Why isn’t this happening at my gym?

This is BBS wearing red while lifting a red log while getting amped by some Nirvana. I like this gym.

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